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BYAC believes that education is the key to a better future for Balochistan. The organization works to improve access to education for all children in Balochistan, regardless of their gender, religion, or ethnicity. BYAC’s education work includes building schools, providing scholarships, and training teachers. The organization also works to promote literacy and numeracy among adults. 

Access to education: BYAC works to increase access to education for all children in Balochistan. We have launched the Reading Rooms Balochistan project (https://byac.dev/reading-rooms/) . These reading rooms will provide a space for people to learn and to access information. They also help to promote a culture of reading in the province. 

Digital literacy: We believe that the future of world is digital, and majority in Balochistan still lag this area due to lack of access to internet, or otherwise lack of proper training material. We provide workshops and trainings to young people to improve in these areas; LinkedIn trainings are one of our most sought-after workshops.

If you would like to support the Reading Rooms Balochistan project, you can donate books or help us with donations, you can also connect us with organization that help with the provision of the internet in remote parts of the world. You can also volunteer your time and expertise with us.

Don't have the time to join us on the ground?

Consider becoming a regular supporter and contributing to our cause from afar, either by making donations or by offering your expertise, skills, and time.

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