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BYAC is committed to improving the health of people in Balochistan. The organization works to provide access to quality healthcare for all people in Balochistan, regardless of their ability to pay. BYAC’s health work includes awareness sessions on taboo topics, providing free of cost medicines, as well as setting up emergency relief camps in post-disaster areas.


Access to healthcare: BYAC works to increase access to healthcare for all people in Balochistan. We have set-up medical camps in some of the most remote regions of Balochistan, providing medical care to the poor and marginalized, and supports community-based healthcare initiatives.


Female health: We have done several awareness sessions across Balochistan including workshops for girls on menstrual hygiene, and breast cancer awareness sessions. 


BYAC is helping people in Balochistan to improve health outcomes, break down stigmas, and empower young people.

If you would like to support us either in medical provision through pop-up clinics, or establishing functioning hospital, please get in touch. You can also volunteer your time and expertise with us.

Don't have the time to join us on the ground?

Consider becoming a regular supporter and contributing to our cause from afar, either by making donations or by offering your expertise, skills, and time.

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