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How A Pakistani Youth Initiative Supported Locals Hit By The Pandemic

“We must be better prepared than we were for COVID-19. Learn more about Balochistan Youth Action Committee – A youth-driven initiative in Balochistan region of Pakistan”

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Renowned Brazilian author Paulo Coelho wants you to donate books to Balochistan's student-led library initiative

Gulf News, August 19, 2020

Celebrated Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho wants you to donate books to an initiative in the rural province of Balochistan, Pakistan that has gained attention on social media. Pakistanis have appreciated the author’s support for the campaign that aims to build “reading rooms” across the province.

It all started when students from Balochistan began the Wadh student library committee and together they started converting many abandoned spaces into small libraries and “reading rooms”.


T-MAGAZINE, November 06, 2022

Next, the BYAC team started building up a network, which soon emerged as ‘Ground Champions’. These were youth volunteers from across Balochistan who shared details about themselves and their area and it wasn’t long before a Whatsapp group was created where the influential youth of Balochistan along with students from different universities of Balochistan were added.

بلوچستان کے نوجوان بل گیٹس کے ’ہیرو‘


بلوچستان میں سیلابی امداد اور کرونا کے خلاف مہم کے حوالے سے بتاتے ہوئے سکندر کا کہنا تھا کہ ’ہم نے بلوچستان کے ان دور دراز علاقوں میں جا کر لوگوں کی مدد کی جہاں حکومت اور دیگر فلاحی اداروں کی جانب سے ٹیموں کی رسائی مشکل تھی۔ وہاں کے لوگوں کو یہ لگ رہا تھا کہ کرونا ختم ہوگیا ہے۔ اس لیے ہم نے مقامی افراد کو کرونا کے حوالے سے ذیادہ سے ذیادہ آگاہی فراہم کی۔‘    

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