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Gwadar Floods (March 2024)

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What is happening?

Heavy flash floods have struck Gwadar and surrounding areas in Balochistan, one of the worst since 2010. Gwadar and Ormara are cut-off from Karachi as the road and bridges were swept away by the floods. BYAC and other not-for-profits are on ground providing relief to the community who are still submerged in water.  Immediate assistance is requested to address the urgent needs of affected communities and to support recovery efforts.

What can you do?

Join us on the Ground!


You can support BYAC Gwadar Flood efforts by making a donation to the following account:

  • Account Title: Next Generation Engineering Associates Account
  • Number: 12637900602703
  • Bank: HBL


After making your donation, kindly send a text message to Khalid at 0324 8003779, including a screenshot of the transaction confirmation. Your support can make a significant difference. Thank you for your generosity.

What we are doing?

1) BYAC Volunteers Mobilization

BYAC champions are currently on the ground in Gwadar, offering hands-on assistance to the locals. They are involved in mapping the areas of impact, distribution of aid, and providing support to those affected. Shoutout to our BYAC Champions: Asfia Safia, Kareem Shambay, Keenagi Nadeem, Ruqayya Khali,q Dad Akbar, Din Muhammad, Mutasam Iqbal and, Khauda Zakir. 


BYAC volunteers were amongst the first responder at the floods,  


2) Food Distribution

We are actively distributing essential food supplies to the affected populations in Gwadar and warm meals to families that are unable to cook due to water in their houses. 


350 families have been served with warm meals so far!

3) Monitoring

We are monitoring the situation in collaboration with local people and will adjust our intervention strategies as needed and respond to the evolving needs of the community.

4) Local Collaboration

We are working closely with local authorities and community leaders to coordinate our relief efforts, ensuring that our actions are aligned with the most urgent needs of the impacted areas.