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BYAC Introduces New Cohort of 89 Champions


The Balochistan Youth Action Committee (BYAC) is thrilled to announce the introduction of its new cohort of dedicated volunteers. BYAC, a youth-driven organization operating across the Balochistan region of Pakistan, focuses on community development as a means to achieving sustainable change. Originally formed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, BYAC has since grown into one of the largest youth-led initiatives in the region, with a commitment to empower communities and inspire young people to become change agents. 

“In the heart of Balochistan’s challenges lies an opportunity for our youth to be the driver of changes. This new cohort of champions represents the spirit and resilience of our youth, ready to lead the way towards a more just fair and equitable Balochistan,” says Sikande Bizenjo, Founder of BYAC.

The new cohort of champions comprises 89 champions from 19 districts of Balochistan, including 47 males and 42 females aged between 18 to 35. This diverse group includes 67 undergraduate and 22 graduate students, all passionate about driving positive change in their communities. They will engage in community visits, logistics, social media, and outreach, addressing the pressing socio-economic issues of Balochistan.

On December 31, the new cohort of BYAC champions has been introduced to the work of the organization in a zoom meeting with over 65 attendees. We discussed goal and priorties of the collaboration and presented the achievement of BYAC over the past five years. We listened to the priorities of the volunteers to understand how to best tailor the activities for 2024. 

Core Area of Focus

The recruitment drive united volunteers hailing from a wide array of backgrounds, each offering their distinct skills, talents, and expertise in enthusiastic support of BYAC’s mission. This eclectic group of volunteers demonstrates their unwavering commitment to BYAC’s efforts aimed at effecting a positive transformation in Balochistan. Their collective dedication and diverse proficiencies synergize to empower BYAC’s mission and, in turn, uplift the communities in need.

BYAC’s champions efforts will be concentrated in four core areas:

Humanitarian: Addressing natural disasters and crises through relief efforts such as food and water provision, medical care, and infrastructure rebuilding.

Health: Improving healthcare access, conducting awareness sessions on health issues, and focusing on female health and empowerment.

Climate: Raising awareness about climate change, developing adaptation and mitigation strategies, and implementing grassroots initiatives.

Education: Enhancing access to education through projects like Reading Rooms Balochistan, promoting literacy, and providing digital literacy training.


Our Achievements so Far

BYAC has trained over 260 youth leaders and assisted more than 400,000 individuals across 70 villages. Our interventions in areas such as humanitarian aid, health, climate action, and education have had a significant impact on the lives of the people in Balochistan. Explore Our Impact To learn more about our activities and impact across Balochistan, we invite you to explore our interactive map on our website. Click the dots to discover the breadth and depth of our work.

Connect with Us!

If you are interested in learning more about the Balochistan Youth Action Committee (BYAC), its initiatives, and how you can get involved or support our efforts, please feel free to reach out to us.